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Warm congratulations on the success of tage technology website revision upgrade
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-07-28
In order to better enhance the company‘s image, strengthen propaganda, enhance the company‘s influence, for the operation and development of the company create good conditions, for more highlight the scale and the strength of the company, the better to show the company‘s external image, the official website of the company recently smooth upgrade of the completion of the revision, make the site content is more rich, more timely updates.

Warm congratulations on the success of tage technology website revision upgrade
After the revision of the site, the application of the advanced web development program and design concept, adopted the broad page, to update the visual experience of layout module, page design of Web site, content and function of large adjustment, strive for page appearance, reasonable structure, rich in content and easy to read. Can better serve customers.
My company‘s revision of the site upgrade success, marking the company in their own media to promote higher requirements, to a higher level, for the company‘s long-term development has laid a solid foundation.
After the revision of the site there are still shortcomings, we are working to improve the. Hope you are browsing at the same time, leaving valuable comments and suggestions.
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