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Notice: the decoder in the lightning protection system and the role of the fuse
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-08-03
Lightning protection system and the role of the fuse: the brand better decoder are equipped with lightning protection systems and fuses in order to cope with the occurrence of lightning and short circuit and other accidents. Most of the pursuit of the quality of the decoder usually with a simple lightning protection system, mainly to prevent the destruction of the induction mine through the RS485 bus decoder. Standard lightning protection system price will be several times higher than the decoder itself, so the design is usually relatively simple lightning protection system.
Notice: the decoder in the lightning protection system and the role of the fuse
The lightning protection part should be completed by 2 lightning protection diodes, can prevent the 10 millisecond 600W induction thunder damage, basically can resist the common induction thunder attack. When the inductive lightning energy beyond the lightning diode withstand limit, the lightning diode will burn, while absorbing the energy of the sensor, the protection of the decoder inside the device and the power transformer is not damaged. The lightning tube was burned after the lightning was after the decoder can work, but does not have the function of lightning protection.
Due to the complexity of the decoder using the environment, the lightning is often occurred, it is recommended to choose the decoder, the selection of products with lightning protection system.
The fuse in the decoder basically has 2 major functions:
1 prevent the 220V power supply in the construction process of short circuit or damage to personnel, when 220V power short circuit or personnel electric shock, the fuse will automatically cut off the 220V power supply, ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. Usually 220 volt fuse will design a transparent plastic shell, prevent the fuse metal connector caused by electric shock.
2 to prevent the short circuit caused by the power transformer burned, which usually do not have a fuse holder.
Therefore, Shenzhen tage Technology Co. Ltd. offers self recovery fuse professional regulation, the above problems. Contact our online customer service or contact phone: 86-755-88365418 holiday service telephone: 18128869501, welcome your call!
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