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Principle and effect of pressure sensitive resistance
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-07-29

  What is the principle and function of the pressure sensitive resistance? The meaning of the voltage - sensitive resistance is "to change the value of the resistance with the voltage in a certain current voltage range", or to say that the resistance value of the resistance value is sensitive to the voltage。 The varistor English is called "Voltage Dependent Resistor" or "VDR"。


  Pressure sensitive resistance is a kind of voltage limiting protection device. By using the non-linear characteristic of the pressure sensitive resistance, when the over-voltage occurs in the voltage between the two electrodes, the voltage clamp can be clamped to a relatively fixed voltage value, so as to realize the protection of the circuit. The main parameters of the pressure sensitive resistance are: voltage, current capacity, junction capacitance, response time and so on.

  The working principle of the pressure sensitive resistance: the form of the energy of the high voltage form through the resistance component of the pressure sensitive resistance. Example below:


  A voltage form of energy added to the pressure sensitive resistor, in accordance with V (ESD) is equal to the energy of the formation of the current form of pressure sensitive resistance。

  B resistance components in this process with the characteristics of heating elements, including the transformation of a part of the energy of the day, and the rest of the current form of energy into the form.

  C according to the clamping action of the pressure sensitive resistance through the low voltage and current state of mind is IC easy to bear the steady state to join.

  Varistor characteristics: reaction time fast, low leakage current; the superior voltage ratio; wide voltage and energy ratio; low standby power and no current follow-up; high inrush current wave processing capability, decrease the ability to execute stability of voltage characteristics. Safe and reliable, for lightning protection products and need to through the careful design, trial and error, after trial production of small quantities, through the actual operation of the harsh environment to get the final confirmation, for varistor failure protection, varistor manufacturers, SPD manufacturers and communications equipment manufacturers were more in-depth research, and they have their own solutions. This extension of Electronic Science and technology of welcome friends to inquire. Carefully provide the latest and most professional pressure sensitive resistors.

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