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Main parameters of ESD electrostatic protection device
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-08-24
What are the main parameters of ESD ESD protection devices? What are the main parameters of ESD protection devices? These problems are not difficult to understand. The following small series with the popularity of the main parameters of the ESD protection devices. The main parameters of ESD protection devices are divided into 6 categories:
Main parameters of ESD electrostatic protection device
1, maximum operating voltage (MaxWorkingVoltage)
The voltage (effective value) of the ESD electrostatic protection device is allowed to be applied for a long time, and the ESD device is not conductive, and the reverse leakage current is very small.
2, breakdown voltage (BreakdownVoltage)
ESD device start action (turn-on) voltage. Generally, the TVS tube action voltage is lower than the pressure sensitive resistance.
3, clamping voltage (ClampingVoltage)
ESD electrostatic protection device flows through the peak current, the voltage at both ends of the presentation, more than this voltage, may cause permanent damage to the ESD.
4, leakage current (LeakageCurrent)
Flows through the ESD ESD protection device under the specified DC voltage (generally no more than the maximum operating voltage). In general, the reverse leakage current of the TVS tube is nA level, and the leakage current of the voltage sensitive resistor is a Class A, the smaller the current, the smaller the effect of the protection circuit.
5, capacitor (Capacitance)
Under the given voltage and frequency conditions, the smaller the value, the smaller the signal transmission effect of the protection circuit. For example, silicon semiconductor TVS tube junction capacitance (pF), the parasitic capacitance of the voltage sensitive resistor (nF)
6, response time (ResponseTime)
Main parameters of ESD electrostatic protection device
The voltage clamp ESD electrostatic protection device of the input voltage to a predetermined time. In general, the response time of the TVS tube is ns, the varistor is microsecond, the smaller this time, more effective protection of circuit components.
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