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Typical applications of ESD protection devices
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-08-24
Typical applications of ESD protection devices, mainly divided into three aspects, 1 for the application of the bottom of the connector, 2 for the RJ-45 (10/100M Ethernet network), 3 for the protection of the video circuit.
Typical applications of ESD protection devices
(network picture)
Application of 1.ESD protection device bottom connector
ESD protection device bottom connector design is widely used in mobile consumer products, at present, the market is mainly used in mobile phones, PDA, DSC (digital camera) and MP3 and other portable products.
Because it is a direct current circuit, high capacitance device can be used. So the port may be subject to high energy impact, we can choose to integrate the TVS and over current protection devices. Data line protection IC is NZQA5V6XV5T1, NZQA6V2XV5T1, NZQA6V8XV5T1, NZQA8V2XV5T1, NZQA5V6AXV5T1, NZQA6V8AXV5T1, MSQA6V1W5T2, SMF05T1 and NSQA6V8AW5T2. These products are with 4 single-phase independent line ESD protection, which, MSQA series, NSQA series and SMF05 package form is SC-88A, NZQA series of packaging form is SOT-553.
Which NZQA5V6XV5 is 5.6v unidirectional TVs protection device; NZQA6V2XV5 is 6.2V unidirectional TVs protection device; NZQA6V8XV5 is 6.8v unidirectional TVs protection device; 6.8v one-way, Low Capacitance TVS protection device is NZQA6V8AXV5; bidirectional 14V type, Low Capacitance TVS is NUP4102XV6. TVs devices these SOT5xx package were according to 260 DEG C reflow temperature processing production process, in line with 100% lead-free and electrostatic discharge protection, than the traditional SC88 package reduce circuit board space for up to 36%, reduce 40% of its thickness, suitable for portable devices with strict requirements of circuit board space, such as mobile phone, digital camera, MP3 player.
Typical applications of ESD protection devices
(network picture)
2 RJ-45 (10/100M Ethernet network) RJ-45 interface is widely used in the network connection of the interface devices, the typical application is the 10/100M Ethernet network.
--SL05, the operating voltage is 5V. In fact, the company has a series of SLXX products, products from SL05 to SL24, working voltage covering 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V. In accordance with IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD) 15kV (air) 8Kv contact IEC 61000-4-4 (EFT) 40A 5/50ns IEC 61000-4-5 (lightning) 12a (8 / 20 US) standard, in addition to using in the LAN / WAN equipment, but also suitable for used in high speed data line protection, mobile phones and USB port protection.
3 Protection of video circuits
At present, the video frequency common output port design has D-SUB (Figure 3), DVI (28 lines), SCART (19 lines) and D-TERMINAL (the main Japanese products in use). Line of video data with high data transmission rate, data transfer rates up to 480mbps, some video data transmission rate reached more than 1G. Therefore, we need to low capacitance LCTVS. It usually is to a low capacitance diode and TVS diode in series and to reduce the capacitance of the whole line (less than 3pf). Therefore, to achieve high rate of return.
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