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Semiconductor arrester using solid discharge tube guiding role
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-09-14
In the daily protection devices, engineers commonly used clamp type overvoltage protection devices have a pressure sensitive resistance and TVS diodes, and switch type overvoltage protection devices are represented by ceramic discharge tube. From the electronic protection device supplier as electronic professional, has the absolute right words in electronic protection application and selection device, the following content is from electronic technology Xiaobian is about the use of semiconductor arrester guide and semiconductor discharge tube effect.
Semiconductor arrester use guide:
According to the transient suppression diode (TVS tube), and TVS different is its turn-on voltage is very low, we must pay special attention to prevent the damage of freewheeling circuit element, including semiconductor overvoltage protection device itself, so the current limiting resistor should be bigger.
Semiconductor arrester use guide1
Semiconductor arrester use guide2
Solid discharge tube (TISP):
Solid discharge tube (TISP) is the principle and structure of SCR a two terminal negative resistance device based on integrated circuit for protecting sensitive vulnerable, damaged from lightning and surge caused by the impact of the. It uses advanced pneumatic injection technology, with accurate conduction, fast response, strong ability of group surge absorption and high reliability; widely used in the field of communication equipment in program-controlled switches, telephones, fax machines, distribution frame, XDSL, communication interface, communication transmission equipment and all necessary lightning protection, to protect the internal IC against transient overvoltage impact and damage.
In today‘s world, the rapid development of microelectronics and communications equipment, the solid state discharge tube has become the world‘s communications equipment preferred device. The main advantages are high current surge, which can keep the low voltage state and low capacitance value. When the surge voltage exceeds the breakdown voltage, the TSS works in the low resistance area of the protection characteristic curve, which forms a low resistance channel, which can effectively reduce the over voltage.
Solid discharge effect
Reports provided discharge remain in the low impedance state until the flow resistance of the device falls below the holding current, after the voltage in the past, the TSS device will automatically return to the high impedance state to safety protection circuit.
In the design of lightning protection scheme of communication equipment in daily, and more will use ceramic discharge to do a level of protection, protection level two will consider the response speed of the semiconductor overvoltage discharge as two overvoltage protection. The line resistance between the two stage overvoltage devices is provided with a coupling, and a two stage overvoltage device together with a two stage overvoltage protection, which ensures protection of the telecommunication equipment against lightning surge.
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