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What are the categories of self recovery fuse type recovery fuse
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-08-01
Self recovery fuse according to the material can be divided into two kinds of polymer polymer PPTC and ceramic CPTC two self recovery fuse, according to the package form can be divided into two kinds of lead plug and SMD patch. Can also be divided into 600V, 250V, 130V, 120V,, 72V,, 60V, 30V, 24V,, 6V, 16V, and so on.
According to the current and voltage can be divided into the following several commonly used models
What are the categories of self recovery fuse type recovery fuse

30V090 250V060 16V300 16V090 60V005
30V110 250V080 16V400 16V11 60V010
30V135 250V090 16V500 16V135 60V017
30V160 250V110 16V600 16V160 60V020
30V185 250V120 16V700 16V185 60V025
30V250 250V145 16V800 16V250 60V030
30V300 250V180 16V900 60V040
30V400 250V200 16V1000 60V050
30V500 250V400 16V1100 60V065
30V600 250V600 16V1200 60V075
30V700 250V800 16V1400 60V090
30V800 250V1000 60V110
30V900 250V1200 60V135
250V1400 60V160
250V2000 60V185
600V 60V250

The main advantages of polymer PPTC are: the normal temperature and zero power resistance can be very small, large current products only a few ohm, the power consumption is small, can be neglected, the volume is relatively small. Can be connected in series in the vulnerable circuit for current protection, temperature fuse, the resistance mutations faster, in several ms magnitude, small heat capacity, shorter recovery time, impact resistance, protection and circulation of 8000 times. PTC can be used as a temperature fuse, so in a circuit to a certain extent, reflects the performance of the temperature fuse and the role of temperature fuse. In the circuit, the double protection function of over current protection and over temperature protection is achieved.
Ceramic CPTC has the advantages of easy fabrication, relatively cheap, but high resistance, large volume, the path loss, to tens of thousands of Omega range, suitable for small current over-current protection, overheat prone to negative resistance effect (resistance) and protect the speed slow, in hundreds of MS magnitude, high heat capacity and recovery for a long time. Application scope is relatively narrow, such as can not be applied to the rapid protection circuit, auto harness protection, PCB trace protection, is more and more used in heating devices, in some small signal circuit, do not need to consider the loss of place can be selected.
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