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The fuse fuse often burn out burn damage causes and Solutions
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-08-16
The fuse is burnt out:
1, the insured value of the current value of the insured value of more than the current value of burning off.
2, the circuit has a short circuit, resulting in short circuit current, short circuit current is too general fuse fuse.
3, too much electricity, burn insurance, just as with the leakage protection switch, if the power is too large too large load will trip.

Fuse burn causes:
1, the voltage is not stable, near the voltage instability will make the electrical power frequency change, resulting in the fuse through the current frequency change, the fuse burned!
2, is the use of electrical appliances too much, too much power, more than the normal capacity of the fuse through the current
3, where you go through the transformation of power lines, after the transformation of the line can be increased through the current, and you do not have a corresponding change with a thicker fuse
4, is the fuse itself aging, use of time is too long, by long term current, we all know that fuse is a resistance, so the current may have a fever, will become more and more thin, the resistance will more and more big, finally lead to burn off! Another fuse in the long run due to friction, air slow oxidation and other reasons will be fine!

1, can first appliances used separately, namely one open to see, if every electronics in long time when used alone, are very normal, insurance has not been burned off that all electrical work on the normal no problem, and at the same time, the use of electrical appliances when insurance will be burned off, indicating that exceed the load, can be appropriate bold replacing the fuse. But it is best to call in an electrician to help replace the right fuse and fuse meticulous too thick, are not conducive to the protection of home appliances and power supply.
2, if the use of any one of them, it will burn insurance, that may be the fault of the electrical appliances, it is only caused by the professional electrical appliance repair division to check the electrical.
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