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Main parameters to be considered for the use of a patch self recovery fuse
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-08-22
In the circuit contains a PPTC device design, some key parameters should be taken into account, including devices maintain and action current, environmental conditions influence on the performance of the device, device reset time, the movement state of leakage current, and reset automatically or manually.
Main parameters to be considered for the use of a patch self recovery fuse
Hold current (H I): 25 C static air environment does not trigger the PPTC self - fuse fuse the highest current.
Trigger current (T I): the minimum current from the low impedance to high impedance in a static air environment at 25 PPTC.
Maximum voltage (max V): PPTC self recovery fuse can withstand the maximum operating voltage.
Maximum current (max I): P35 times the maximum current PTC self recovery fuse can withstand.
Movement time (trip T): the maximum action time specified current.
Action power (typ Pd): 25 C ambient temperature when the PPTC self recovery fuse action under the power consumption.
Minimum resistance (min R): minimum zero power resistance at 25.
Maximum resistance (max R): maximum zero power resistance at 25.
Select patch can restore the insurance model also need to know, the actual working voltage, current, ambient temperature, hope to protect the current size, confirm the package size, the basic model can be set down.
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