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Package size of fuse fuse size specification
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-08-22
Chip fuse in small fuse industry is a relatively high technical content of new varieties. Patch fuses can be divided into patch current fuse and patch self recovery fuse. The patch current fuse can be divided into the following shape according to the size and the performance:
Package size of fuse fuse size specification
(1) patch fuses, the most common of which are 0805 2920181212101206. Products by size can be classified as: 0402, 0603, 1206
(2) the patch from small to large self recovery fuse in turn: 181244202920 0602080512061210 size is just a simple standard patch fuse. The key is to look at the self recovery fuse electrical properties such as: voltage and current action time of resistance and temperature together to selection.
(3), the product can be divided according to the performance. Class: Fast - blown, slow - fusing and three types of enhanced melting heat energy.
Chip self recovery fuse can be classified as: 0402, 0603, 1206, 1812, 2920, etc.. SMD fuses if with high requirements. In general, the process for preparing thin film, ultra low internal resistance, applicable to current protection, such as the surge. Computer peripheral products, mobile phones and other communications equipment, digital cameras, monitors, batteries commonly used. Can use this type of technology manufacturers have a certain size.
Chip fuse can be divided into a one-time patch fuse and patch since the recovery of the fuse, the need to replace a one-time fuse protection, self recovery fuse protection after power failure can be restored to their own reusable.
Package size of fuse fuse size specification
Chip fuse type has the following four basic types:
(1) slow fusing / time delay fuse;
(2) double alloy slow speed fuse;
(3) fast response type fuse;
(4) fast response fuse.
A slow - speed fuse is very suitable for use in a circuit that contains an instantaneous current surge or a surge in surge. The circuit comprises a motor, a transformer, an incandescent lamp, and a suitable load device.
Quick reaction type fuse reaction fast and suitable for no instantaneous current burst wave circuit.
Extra fast reaction type fuses are usually made of silver. Due to the current limiting capability of the fuse, the fuse is often used to protect the semiconductor circuit.
Standard Specification for miniature fuse:
Most miniature fuses have received UL248-14 certification of the national security specification, which provides the following:
Power capacity: 1 hours at rated current is not fused.
Temperature rise: according to the rated current through the ground temperature rise <75.
Fuse test: in the case of 2 times the rated current, 1 minutes within the fuse.
The breaking capacity: plus rated breaking capacity, not to produce continuous arcing or ignition.
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