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What are the parameters of the main parameters of the main parameters of the pressure sensitive resistance?
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-08-23
Varistors main parameters: a nominal voltage, voltage ratio, maximum control voltage and residual voltage ratio, through flow capacity, leakage current, voltage temperature coefficient, current temperature coefficient, nonlinear coefficient of voltage, insulation resistance, static capacitance and so on.
1 pressure sensitive voltage: the so-called voltage, that is, the breakdown voltage or threshold voltage. Is refers to under the provisions of current voltage value, in most cases, DC 1mA current pass into the varistor when measuring the voltage value, the varistor voltage range, can be ranged from 109000V. According to the specific needs of the correct choice of pressure sensitive resistance. Generally similar to V1mA=1.5Vp=2.2VAC, the formula, Vp for the circuit rated, the peak voltage. VAC for rated AC voltage rms. The voltage value of the ZnO voltage sensitive resistor is chosen to be of critical importance, it is related to the protective effect, and the service life. For example a rated supply voltage of electric appliance is 220V, then the varistor voltage value V1mA=1.5Vp=1.5 * 1.414 * 220V=476V, X 220V=484V V1mA=2.2VAC=2.2. Therefore, varistor breakdown voltage selectable between 470480V. MYG05K regulation, through the current for the MYG07K, 0.1mA, MYG10K, MYG14K, MYG20K nominal voltage, is defined by the 1mA DC current, voltage at both ends of the voltage value of the voltage.
What are the parameters of the main parameters of the pressure sensitive resistors
2. Varistor maximum allowable voltage (maximum voltage): the voltage is divided into two kinds of AC and DC, such as exchange, is refers to, the varistors are allowed to add communication, voltage effective value, to ACrms, so in the AC voltage effective value, should be chosen with the maximum allowed voltage varistor, in fact, varistors and ACrms each other...
What is the meaning of the parameters of the pressure sensitive resistance?
1, voltage sensitive voltage VaritoVoltage
2, maximum allowable circuit voltage Max.AllowableVoltage (V)
3, the maximum peak voltage Voltage Max.Clamping
What are the parameters of the main parameters of the pressure sensitive resistors
Release: pressure sensitive voltage: the current of the voltage sensitive resistance of 1mA when the corresponding voltage as the I with the rapid rise of the U voltage magnitude of the standard, the voltage with U1mA said, known as the voltage. The maximum allowable maximum peak voltage of voltage loop the two should be borrowed turned the concept of actual varistor more useful parameters should be: maximum limit voltage (V): refers to the pressure sensitive resistor can bear the highest voltage value. Through flow capacity (KA): through flow capacity, also known as flow, is refers to in the provisions (the provisions of the time interval and the number of conditions, applied standards, the impact of current), allowing the varistor maximum pulse (peak) current value. Leakage current (mA): the leakage current, also known as the waiting current, is the pressure sensitive resistor in the specified temperature and the maximum DC voltage, flow through the pressure sensitive resistor current.
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