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The gas discharge tube selection of how to choose the suitable gas discharge tube
Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-09-09
Those who had a voltage place in life, there is a gas discharge tube exists, but the indicators to choose good gas discharge tube, we must work according to the actual reference line of the gas discharge tube to set the appropriate gas discharge, otherwise it will backfire. So what should we do to be the most sensible? The following is the Shenzhen 10 years of professional engineers to tage of electronic reference:
The gas discharge tube selection of how to choose the suitable gas discharge tube
The gas discharge tube, gas discharge tube selection in the selection principle:
Join does not affect the normal operation of circuit 1, a gas discharge tube, it is necessary to ensure the lower limit of DC breakdown voltage of the gas discharge tube of the maximum working voltage must be higher than the normal line, then determine the required discharge of the nominal DC breakdown voltage.
2, when the over-voltage disappears, to ensure the discharge promptly extinguished, so as not to affect the normal work of the line. This requires the discharge of the hold over voltage as high as possible, to ensure the normal operation voltage of circuit will not cause sustained discharge through the guide (i.e. continued flow).
3, if the overvoltage lasts for a long time, long time operation of the gas discharge tube will generate high heat. The protection device in order to prevent the heat caused damage to the equipment or the terminal at the same time in order to prevent any possible fire, the gas discharge tube at this time must be short circuiting device equipped with the right device called FS, also called failure protection device;
4, determine the maximum instantaneous voltage line can withstand the impact value, to ensure that the breakdown voltage of the discharge tube value must be less than this value. In order to ensure that when the transient voltage comes, the discharge tube reflects the speed faster than the speed of the line, the first step will be over voltage limit in the safe value.
5, according to the impact of current intensity into line, determine the choice of the discharge tube must reach the capacity of resisting impact current (such as: outdoors generally used above 10kA grade; in the end a general use 5kA grade; in the terminal equipment generally used about 2kA grade).
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